Fastspot Releases BigTree Content Management System as Open Source


Fastspot, an industry leader in Web and interactive design, is proud to announce the release of BigTree Content Management System under an open-source license.

BigTree CMS has evolved from more than eight years of research and development by the user experience experts at Fastspot. Prior to going open source, Fastspot offered BigTree to clients only as part of our full suite of strategy, design, and development services. Dozens of college, university, and organization Websites have been built on BigTree, as well as ten Webby Award-honored sites, including DePauw University, The Walters Art Museum's Works of Art, and the Bucknell University Virtual Tour.

BigTree was designed from the beginning as a content-oriented CMS, unlike many systems based on blogging software. This distinction helps BigTree achieve a level of usability and flexibility that is unmatched by other platforms. The intuitive and beautiful interface simplifies content creation for first-time users, while more advanced users appreciate the robust, customizable tools for managing workflows and user permissions. BigTree's editorial system of scheduled publication and expiration dates allow clients to automate content changes and be reminded about aging content.

For developers, BigTree provides a "blank canvas" on which to build their sites. The clean-slate approach streamlines the design and development process, placing no limits on site structure or behavior. BigTree also provides a modular database interface that is both powerful and lightweight, capable of serving any type of site.

BigTree CMS can be downloaded from, where documentation, a discussion forum, and a place to show off community-created sites can be found.