As Fastspot’s Director of User Experience, Anne Petersen brings over a dozen years of experience creating holistic strategies that center the experiences of humans who need technology to work for their benefit.

Anne’s mission is to improve lives in large and small ways via beautiful, understandable and sustainable digital products. Their* work spans user research, roadmaps, content strategy and facilitating collaborative workshops with clients.

Their experience and passion are in the higher education and non-profit sectors, but they have a breadth of knowledge from work with past clients in the insurance, healthcare, risk information systems, and accounting industries. Anne has been in-house at universities like Penn State and University of Illinois at Chicago, as well as within agencies and consultancies like Lipman Hearne and Rightpoint. They also helped bring a hardware product to life that has been available in the Apple Store: the Nova flash.

Anne is proud to serve on HighEdWeb’s annual conference committee and to have been a past president of Chicago Nerd Social Club and Pumping Station: One. Fluent in emoji and Danish, you’ll find them on almost every social network interpreting UX and humanity via entertaining GIFs. (Soft g there, by the by.)

*Anne uses they/them/their pronouns.