Over the past 15 years, Fran has developed information architecture, content, and marketing strategies and solutions for many institutions spanning a wide range of industries and purposes. As head of Fastspot’s strategy practice, Fran pushes himself and his team to carefully listen to each voice, thoughtfully reason through each complexity, and creatively solve challenges for each client and audience.

Painful processes? Let’s make them delightful. Confusing directions? We’ll straighten them out. Impossible to find content? We can build some pathways that get you where you need to go no matter where you’re starting from. Disorganized informational chaos? Time to declutter, re-categorize, and prioritize so that each audience gets what’s most important to them as easily as possible. Curmudgeonly, change-averse stakeholders? We will listen to their needs and talk to them about what can be achieved when we all put the user first.

Fran received a BA in business administration from Nazareth College and an MBA in marketing from University at Buffalo, but his favorite courses were always those around information design and systems. He’s married traditional marketing practice with emergent communication methods and experiences ever since.