Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Karli graduated from Cleveland State University with degrees in Psychology and Criminology. Karli's passion for human-focused science and technology began to overlap while she was in high school when she realized she had a natural passion for design and web development. 

When she began to take more classes in web development, she realized that this is a career she would wake up every day looking forward to. She's been creating websites for over five years now, taking specific considerations to how a website interacts with people, how it makes them feel, and what impression it leaves on them. Being a developer allows Karli to overlap her love of psychology with her passion in technology to create the best possible solutions for every client she works with. 

When she's not writing code, Karli enjoys exploring Cleveland with her dog, Dexter, or watching true crime documentaries with her cat, Dwight. She's a big fan of Cleveland sports and will aggressively defend her teams, even if they're losing. And yes, she still loves LeBron James, even though he left twice.