A long-time communications professional and dedicated listener, Katie works with prospective and current clients to clearly articulate their challenges and help figure out the best way for Fastspot to solve them. With nearly twenty years of experience in digital strategy and business development, much of it for higher education and non-profit institutions, Katie knows the right questions to ask, and is always happy to go searching for the answers.

Katie brings a wide range of experience to Fastspot. In previous lives, she’s written marketing strategies, created knowledge repositories, overseen website redesigns, implemented content management systems, managed intranets, written RFPs, and spearheaded digital outreach. Once she even figured out how to have a blimp shipped to Colombia. 

Katie is a North Carolina native now living in Middlebury, Vermont, where she has proudly survived 12 winters. She was Fastspot’s first remote team member, and makes regular trips to the office in person and online.

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