Kim oversees the project management team and process at Fastspot. She draws on organizational and workflow strategies that she has developed over past seven years in the industry, as well as her extensive experience in sales and marketing to her work. Kim ensures that Fastspot project managers are keenly tuned in to the big picture needs of our clients, the strategy driving our work, and the every day details that will keep the project running on schedule and within scope.

Kim is also a dedicated project manager for many of Fastspot’s key projects. She has skillfully shepherded such projects as Mount Vernon, the University of San Francisco, Fielding Graduate University, Lafayette College, and the Walters Art Museum's Works of Art site. Her attention to detail and grasp of usability empower her to make sure that Fastspot's projects achieve the high level of quality that Fastspot is known for.

A native of Ohio, Kim played basketball for much of her life, including at Ashland University, where she earned a BA in communications and business. In her work at Fastspot, she's a true team player, always willing to share knowledge and expertise.


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