She has designed products and led teams at Comcast, Anthropologie, and The Wharton School, among others. Through collaboration, co-creation, and a healthy dose of empathy, she has a keen ability to establish alignment between the goals and values of the organization and the needs and desires of the user. Roz is most passionate about developing a deep understanding of the problem at hand through ethnographic research, interviews, and observation. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and learning about the creative process, as well as organizing events and conversations around empowering change.

Other interesting facts about Roz:

  • She organized 4 BarCamps and 2 TEDx events
  • She has a degree in art history
  • She has a huge collection of Vans (actually, she expresses herself through the wearing of crazy printed Vans)
  • She went to vegetarian cooking school
  • Learning that she could listen to audiobooks and run at the same time changed her life

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