As one of Fastspot's senior developers and software engineers, Tim oversees Fastspot's award-winning content management system, BigTree. Tim has more than fourteen years of technology development experience for a range of high-profile companies and clients.

At Fastspot, Tim has conceived and developed a wide range of Websites and applications. He is skilled in programming languages and platforms including PHP, SQL, JavaScript, C, Objective-C, HTML and CSS. His programming career began during the field’s early emergence, starting with developing websites in HTML and then moving on to programming Texas Instruments calculators, 20 years ago. Tim progressed to learning Z80 assembly after TI-BASIC and then PHP, SQL and JavaScript. He developed and maintained an early TI development site, TI-News, sharing programming knowledge with the fast evolving community centered around TI devices. Tim also became skilled in VB6 and .Net and developed custom side scrolling games similar to the Mario-type games popular at the time. He combined these skill sets to develop eLister Pro, a software package allowing users to list and track their eBay auctions along with invoicing their clients and tracking profits in the same familiar eBay-like environment.

Tim joined Fastspot in 2007 and immediately began building the core foundation of BigTree CMS. He has been the lead BigTree engineer since 2007, as well as creating the (now retired) web commenting program, Denote. Tim also provides support to client projects which require advanced programming solutions. Tim’s hands-on experience and direct interaction with Fastspot’s client base ensures his big picture goals for BigTree and other applications and software products are grounded in user requirements and emerging industry trends. He is a proponent of the open source community and ideals, and is a frequent contributor to the BigTree developer forums and evolving documentation.

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