Calm, cool and collected, I'm Amelia

Amelia Szpiech, SeniorProject Manager
Amelia Szpiech

With an extensive background in organizing contemporary art exhibitions and time spent in higher education, Amelia knows how to bring creative ideas to life in uncharted territory, curve balls and all. Her project management values are rooted in ensuring mutual success while keeping the process transparent and organized, from day one to project launch.

She helps her clients realize their big, bold ideas by facilitating collaboration, timely communication and breaking the process down into practical steps. She enjoys getting to know the people behind the websites and learning about what makes their projects special.

At the end of the day, nothing brings her more satisfaction than tying a bow on a hard earned project and applauding everyone who was a part of the process

Amelia Szpiech

Outside Work

  • Contemporary Art

    Amelia contemporary art
  • Backcountry Camping

    Amelia camping
  • Hiking

    Amelia hiking
  • Climbing Gym

    Amelia climbing