Always a curious cat, I'm Bhoomi

Bhoomi Mistry, Designer
Bhoomi Mistry

Bhoomi Mistry is a multi-disciplinary designer from Mumbai, India. With five years of experience in advertising, fashion, film making and journalism, she makes a conscious effort to bring this broad media understanding to her design practice.

At Fastspot, she works with various teams to design intuitive web experiences and amplify client stories. She believes that more often than not, good design is rooted in wit and logic to strike a chord with the audience in a way that is most authentic to them.

Outside of work, she really enjoys illustrating, crocheting, going to museums and packing picnics in summer.

Bhoomi Mistry

Outside Work

  • Illustrating

    Bhoomi illustrates
  • Crocheting

    Bhoomi Crochets
  • Picnics

    Bhoomi likes picnics
  • Museums

    Bhoomi goes to museums