It’s Adventure Time, I’m Craig

Craig Watkins, Senior Strategist
Craig Watkins

Craig enjoys finding that sweet spot where clients meet their goals and website visitors get what they need easily. And he feels lucky to be working on the web, where people all over the world go on billions of journeys looking for answers.

In such a dynamic environment, it can be hard to boil things down. But a strong team will take time to understand their audience. Then they will discover ways to communicate that are powerful and uncomplicated. When visitors get enough guidance to make good decisions and move on, it’s a win. When they are delighted or inspired, it’s time to celebrate!

When I walk with two others, at least one of them will be my teacher.
- Confucius

Craig has decades of experience as a strategist, writer, editorial manager, marketer, college teacher, and curriculum developer. Yet he knows every project is a new adventure: a chance to meet cool people, help them out and soak up what he can. At the next meeting, he may ask you to raise your mug in a toast to teamwork: “Here’s to stoking our curiosity, sharing insights, and challenging each other to do great work!"

Craig Watkins

Outside Work

  • Baseball

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  • Go Bills!

    Brats and high-fives with total strangers

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