It’s me, hi, I’m Jay

Jay White, Project Manager
Jay White

Connection is crucial and Jay is passionate about building relationships between teams to ensure a successful project. There may even be room for everyone to have some fun along the way!

With a background supporting a range of clients on everything from small print projects to full website redesigns to comprehensive signage programs, Jay recognizes that the work we do is inherently human and that it is vital for stakeholders to feel they are seen, included, and reflected by the process. All of the toughest challenges are tackled by teams that trust each other and recognize the value in each other’s contributions and Jay believes it is a project manager’s job to foster that environment for internal and external teams alike.

A proud Marylander, Jay lives in Washington, DC where you can usually find him skulking around a bookstore, writing wistfully at a neighborhood coffee shop, or searching for haunted heirlooms.

Jay White

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