Hard to believe, but yes, I'm Jemal

Jemal Cole, Director of Development
Jemal Cole

Being a professional web developer since before some of his colleagues were in kindergarten has provided Jemal with a literal lifetime of experience, which comes in handy leading Fastspot's development team. In his work as a developer, he prides himself on making fast, reliable websites that are just as easy and satisfying for content editors as they are for visitors.

The same curiosity that first got him into programming forty years ago is what fuels his love of learning about almost everything, from the deeply technical details of development that won Webby awards for his clients, to the kind of facts so obscure that they won him multiple trivia championships.

Jemal Cole

Outside Work

  • Comics

    Thirty comic books a week aren't going to read themselves.

  • Cocktails

    For every problem in life, there's a solution... of ethyl alcohol in water.

  • Trivia

    It may not be important, by definition, but that's no reason not to take it far too seriously.

    Jemal Trivia
  • Margot

    Taking care of the best, sweetest, prettiest cat in the world is a big responsibility, but nothing is more rewarding.

    Jemal Margo
  • Zoom

    If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that there's nothing more important than the people we love, a good prime lens and a ring light.

    Jemal Zooming
  • Photography

    Why experience life when you could document it now and experience it later?

    Jemal Photography