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Tommy Doyle, Director of Business Development
Tommy Doyle

Transparency, collaboration, and enthusiasm are qualities that make for a great project, and that’s where Tommy likes to start when it comes to bringing in new projects and partnerships at Fastspot.

With an incredible variety of services and depth that are offered by the Fastspot team, Tommy works to make sure that any size team from a variety of organizations and companies receive the approach that is the right size for them. In addition to ushering clients into successful new engagements with Fastspot, Tommy also works closely with marketing, existing accounts, and professional partnerships to help ensure that each project starts on the right foot.

As a former college recruiter for institutions on the East and West Coast and with experience in museums, galleries, and art education, Tommy is particularly excited by working with organizations that are dedicated to art and culture and innovative companies that value the creative problem solving abilities that the Fastspot team has to offer.

Tommy is a museum junkie, opera appreciator, and proud stepfather.

Tommy Doyle

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