An addendum to the a previous post, Custom Branded Email Signatures Made Simple (Sort Of).

In a previous post, I outlined a 17-step process for adding a custom-styled signature to Mac Mail. I'm a bit of a layperson as far as the technical how-to behind this process, but I've somehow managed to be the guru of updating and installing these guys at Fastspot. We are a Mac-only office, all using Mail, so I'm afraid I'm a bit limited as to other operating systems/email clients.

In the years since Custom Branded Email Signatures Made Simple (Sort Of) was posted, OS X has undergone a version upgrade to Mountain Lion—with it, Mail was also updated. As a result, you will now run into some snags with the previously-posted method. I credit Brian Yuen at Blue Coast Web with an excellent post on the updated process of creating and installing HTML email signatures for Mail.

The gist is, the entire process of creating a Webarchive file using Safari is no longer necessary; Mail now uses the extension ".mailsignature" for signature files it generates and saves. In addition, the Mail folders themselves have been moved/reorganized, and the Library is now a bit more hidden (just for fun). We'll still start at the same place—with an HTML signature file—and that's about it.

  1. Copy the full HTML from your signature file.
  2. Open Mail. Go to Preferences > Signatures.
  3. Click the plus sign to add a new signature and title it whatever you like.
  4. Drag the signature to the account in the left panel to which it should be assigned; then, make it the default signature in the "Choose Signature:" drop down menu for that account.
  5. Close the Preferences window and Quit Mail.
  6. Go to Finder's Go menu; pressing Option while doing so will reveal the hidden Library link in the menu. Choose Library.
  7. Navigate to Library > Mail > V2 > MailData > Signatures, which is where signatures are now stored.
  8. Find the .mailsignature file you just created; you can identify it from its creation date in Finder. Open it in TextEdit.
  9. Paste your copied HTML into the file, just below the "Mime-Version" line, and save the file.
  10. With the updated file highlighted, use the keystroke Command+I to reveal the file information window; check the "Locked" checkbox to keep OS X from overwriting the file when Mail restarts.
  11. Close the information window.
  12. Restart Mail.
  13. Compose a new message. Your custom signature should now be in place.


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