Not every project is a ten-month, full-scale website redesign. These recent projects are small but mighty.

Fastspot is fortunate to work every year with clients who have the time and resources to invest in a full-scale website redesign. We’re happy to help them navigate this path in order to completely reimagine their use of the digital space.

However, not every project starts with a completely blank slate. We’re working with many of our long-time clients to explore opportunities to build on already successful websites by presenting new content in new ways, extending design systems, and supporting new messaging efforts. We’re also in the process of working with new clients to tweak designs or reimagine key pages on an existing website as a way to help address specific and immediate needs when it’s not quite time for a full redesign.

As our project managers would gladly tell you, these projects are small but mighty. We give them the same kind of care, attention, and focus that we give to the more comprehensive digital projects, and often find that they bring a completely different kind of energy to the working relationship between our team and our clients. They allow Fastspot team members to flex their creative muscles in a completely different way, which makes for a lot of fun on the way to a successful outcome.

Voices of Bay Path

Voices of Bay Path website on laptop

Bay Path University launched its Fastspot-redesigned website in 2015, and has kept the site looking fresh by doing a great job with content creation and maintenance since that time. Bay Path has a smart, capable team that’s very focused on content and the ways that they can tell the Bay Path story effectively on the website. Last summer, Bay Path asked for help creating a digital home for a “Humans of New York”-style initiative that they had underway. The interface that we created for Bay Path works seamlessly with the existing website, with a new template that allows users to view authentic student stories from the Bay Path community that can be filtered by category or school.

Check it out for yourself.

Bay Path Blogs

Bay Path Blogs website on tablet

The Bay Path Blogs are another major content initiative for the Bay Path team that required a unique approach on the website. Using the BigTree CMS, we created a blog interface that allows the team to publish and share blog posts through their existing website. All new templates are powered by a new CMS module that makes it fast, simple, and intuitive to create and categorize blog posts. Having the right CMS in place ensures that users don’t spend time struggling with (or avoiding) a tedious or confusing interface. Bay Path’s tools allow the team to put the focus where it belongs: on the content.

Check it out for yourself.

Stonehill’s Push to Apply Campaign

Stonehill's Push to Apply Campaign website on laptop

Stonehill College has been a Fastspot client since its full-scale website redesign in 2013, and we’re very fortunate to have an ongoing relationship that allows us to help with incremental changes that keep the site contemporary and effective. Most recently we worked with Stonehill on microsite focused on increasing yield (Yield Campaign microsite) and a tool that allows (and encourages) members of the incoming class to make a virtual card and share it on the Class of 2020 Facebook page ("Make Your Own Card” tool). In the summer of 2016, Stonehill came to Fastspot for help with an additional microsite, this time supporting a “Push to Apply” campaign, which will be rolled out over the course of the Fall 2016 semester. Having a deep knowledge of the College and its existing digital environment allows us to provide strategic insight as well as design and development support.

Check it out for yourself.

Kenyon Alumni Bulletin

Kenyon Alumni Bulletin website on laptop

Fastspot worked with Kenyon College to launch a redesigned website in 2013. Over the years, we’ve continued to make incremental changes to the website, including the addition of background video to the homepage feature and the ability to promote events in the “Along Middle Path” feed on the website’s homepage. Last summer, we created a microsite for the Kenyon Alumni Bulletin, which is the award-winning, widely-respected magazine for the Kenyon community. It was an honor to take on the challenge of providing an interactive digital home for a magazine that is a complete show-stopper in print. In addition to hosting digital content, our work allows them to maximize readership of magazine content by letting the team cross-promote individual stories from the bulletin site and the main site.

Check it out for yourself.

Mount Vernon Social Media Contests

Mount Vernon is a dynamic institution with a deep presence on social media as well as a beautiful website. Social engagement is an important way to stay top of mind with visitors, donors, and other key audiences. We recently worked with the Mount Vernon team to create a tool to house regular image contests. This eliminates the need for the third-party service they had previously been using and simplifies the processes by consolidating content within one system. We created a new module that aggregates photos with particular hashtags from various social media platforms, bringing them into the CMS for moderation and approval. Users can also upload photos directly through the website if they didn’t want to submit entries via social media.

Check it out for yourself.

In Conclusion

Each of the projects outlined above demonstrates the impact that even small changes can have within a website. They also point out the importance of careful planning during a redesign process, since having a sound content strategy and design system allows for new elements to be incorporated into the website without starting over or creating an inconsistent user experience. Next time you have an idea for your website, just remember: the little ideas can be just as exciting as the big ones.

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