We just moved to a new office, and I got to go for a visit. This is what it's like being onsite at Fastspot.

I’m lucky to work remotely for Fastspot, but I’m even luckier when I get to spend a few days in Baltimore with everybody else. Everything about being in the Fastspot office confirms the things that matter to me about the company. And being there is always a lot of fun. In words and images, here’s what the team is like in person.

  • They’re eclectic. You’re going to hear The Books and you’re going to hear Jay-Z. Music is one example, but far from the only one.
  • They’re funny. Some in loud ways, some in quiet ways, but all very sharp. I spend a lot of time laughing.
  • They agree. Everybody’s singing the same song when it comes delivering great work. You can sense the pride in what we’re doing for our clients.
  • They disagree. People aren’t afraid to respectfully challenge one another, whether on project-related issues or on the relative merits of Chipotle vs. Qdoba.
  • They’re creative. And I don’t just mean the designers. I mean every single person is offering up new ideas all the time.
  • They’re warm. Strangers, clients (and remote employees) are welcomed, with enthusiasm. You won’t stay a stranger for long.
  • They’re direct. Problems aren’t buried or discussed in low voices over in a corner. They’re addressed, resolved, and put away.
  • They move. Kim twirls on stools. Amy is everywhere at once. Ben's nodding along to the music at a standing desk. It’s a place of energy.
  • They’re collaborative. Ideas surface and are shaped, magnified and strengthened by everyone who touches them.

Every one of these things has an impact on the experience of working with the Fastspot team and the quality of the work we do. If you work with Fastspot, or if you’re considering it, you might want to think about visiting the office to see for yourself. It'll give you some great insight into who we are, and as an added bonus you'll probably get to meet Birdie.

Sweet Birdie

Stacy at work

Bon at work

Campus tour on Falls Road

April at work

Tim and Curt at work

Small meeting on Falls Road

Amy and Tracey on Falls Road


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