Hire experts.

There are no shortcuts to quality. Certainly, there are a lot of catchy articles and blog posts out there that try to boil down all of, say, user experience or visual design or content strategy into clear tasks that look easy to execute. And certainly, there’s something to be gained from reading these.

But if you don’t have this particular type of expertise on-staff (including your own expertise!), please hire experts.

Regardless of the industry — whether you’re in higher education and working on a college or university website, in health care and working on a hospital or clinic website, in the financial sector and working on a bank or investment advising website — the principles are the same. Your mission, brand or approach may be different than others in your industry, but usability and readability don’t change site-to-site.

Additionally, trends come and go. Today’s full-width image or video intro may seem dated in a few short years. Using click-baity headlines may work for a while, but both search engines and your audiences will catch on, especially as that style becomes old-fashioned over time.  

Unless you want to be in a never-ending cycle of redesigns (which we’ve talked about before), you’ll want a sustainable website and a partner that will help you plan for the future via content strategy, flexible design, a focus on usability, and web governance.

Partnering with experts will get you out of that never-ending cycle.

As you’re reading this, you know that your digital presence is crucial. On the plus side, its power to convert visitors into action-takers is immense. On the downside, if your digital presence does injustice to your brand, your website will be the first giveaway. This front door to your brand should be open, not slamming in people’s faces. Encourage people to take a step inside by telling real stories and creating value for them.

Why leave the responsibility for that crucial first impression to semi-professionals, or companies that peddle quick how-to’s? Companies which rely on broad statistics without investigating further about your users, your audiences, are not going to serve you well. A lack of focus can absolutely be a door-slam. Find a partner who can help you research and focus.

We’d be happy to serve as such for you.

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