What we look for in our dream project and our dream client.

Clients often ask us what we look for in a project, and it's a question I'm happy to answer.

It's an important question for any business to ask itself, because the right project and the right client can turn into many more good things down the road, and the same, in reverse, can happen with a bad project and a bad client. I should state that they go hand in hand, there is no such thing as a great project with a bad client, or a great client with a bad project. They are woven together so tightly that they might as well be the same thing. This is why it's critical that you have a good internal team handling your website project if you are considering embarking on creating and building a new one.

We look for clients who are genuinely excited to be working with the Fastspot team. They should be seeking a collaborative relationship, but one where they can trust us to lead the way. They should have a project where the outcome can have significant positive changes for the organization. Websites (and all that accompany them) have the power to affect massive changes within an institution or business. From marketing to lead generation to brand perception to how a company culture evolves, a website can be an instrumental tool in affecting so many important aspects of an organization.

People who see websites as nothing more than glorified brochures are really missing the boat.

Interactive marketing and websites in particular are a completely new ballgame and represent a virtual perception of a business or organization. They are almost as big, as important, as "real" as your real world business. They are a window into who you are, what you do, and why you matter. They can do as much harm as good, and the bar is constantly being raised.

We look for clients who want to establish a long term relationship, where we can do the real leg work of tweaking and adjusting a website over time, when the analytics and data can truly be a guide. We want to ensure the tools we build are used to their fullest by the teams in place, and that the time we spend getting to know the client and their world can be used for the long term success of the organization.

We like juicy problems, and clients who are looking for something amazing. We like to push the envelope when we are given the free reign to do so.

When we are given the most trust, we inevitably do the best work.

We like clients who have stories to tell. Real stories, not marketing hype or elevator pitches. This is probably one of the reasons we love working with higher ed, museums and non-profits so much - they are rich with stories and story tellers (or objects that tell stories). We give them the tools and strategies to let those stories be heard and shared. In a way we become the directors of a movie, getting the best out of the actors, ensuring the audience is captivated, being certain we are hitting on the things we need to hit on. It's a wonderfully challenging and rewarding line of work to be in, and we want that work to matter for everyone we form a partnership with.

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