At the State of the Word in December 2017, WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg announced the official push of Gutenberg, an entirely new editing experience from the website administration. The release date for Gutenberg is fast-approaching — it’s anticipated it will accompany the release of WordPress 5.0 in April.


The WordPress community is officially supporting a backward-compatible plugin that converts the editor to the classic version. Although WordPress is known for being backwards compatible for a very long time, we’d recommend setting a goal of coordinating an upgrade within three to five years. WordPress users will be able to install the plugin ahead of time to prevent Gutenberg from breaking their live website. Also, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), the plugin that we used to handle all of our fields in the admin, has announced it will provide full support for Gutenberg.

The Possibilities

At Fastspot, we’re most excited about the potential of the new editor because of its block layouts. The flexible content fields we utilized previously in the ACF plugin are now built into the WYSIWYG of core WordPress. It allows editors to have a lot more control over the content and a much better editing experience.

 An example of all the different blocks you can build a page with that come out-of-the-box with Gutenberg.

An example of how you add content blocks and how you can set different options in the sidebar specific to each block allowing for near limitless customization.

Reigning In Change When Necessary

The new editor gives users control over almost everything. For some, there can be such thing as having too much control in the backend of a site, but WordPress is known for providing hooks and filters for disabling certain features. We’ll address such controls in our future themes. As noted above, there will be a plugin to disable the editor as well, so that users won’t have to update already existing websites to the new editor that aren’t yet compatible.

Helpful Resources

For more information on Gutenberg, visit:

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