If there’s one thing we hear consistently from our clients, it’s that very small teams are being asked to take on enormous responsibilities in communications and outreach. The website often requires the lion’s share of attention.

Many of our clients have chosen to work with BigTree as their content management system for exactly this reason. It’s an open source tool that allows for plenty of flexibility in design and is dead simple for internal users. It facilitates the production of great content, rather than creating bottlenecks that stand in the way of it.

For all of our BigTree people out there, we’ve got great news: A BigTree upgrade is on the way! With input from the community and our team, we’ve developed some terrific new features that will help you with more powerful asset management, optimized social sharing, and intuitive, organized tagging. BigTree was created to solve problems and ease processes for internal teams, and the latest changes continue to serve that mission.

Visit bigtreecms.org for more details about the new features. If you’d like to set up a time to talk about how you can take advantage of these features, call Katie Jennings (410-989-3791).

Share on Twitter or Facebook Published October 5th 2018