Your project manager will keep an eye on your timeline and your budget throughout an engagement with Fastspot, but that's not all. The value that she brings to your project goes well beyond logistics.

When I talk to prospective Fastspot clients about what it’s like to work with this team, I answer lots of questions. (This is actually one of the best parts of my job.) We talk about how Fastspot gets to know a new client, and how we come up with a strategy for a new website. We talk about personas and design and information architecture and content management and technology. I can’t tell you what your new website is going to look like, but I can tell you plenty about how we’ll get from here to there.

You know what people rarely ask me about? Project management. This is a mistake. Anyone considering work with Fastspot should want to know about how we'll manage your project. More specifically, you should want to know about your project manager. The PM is one of the most important assets you have when it comes to successfully navigating this process. Think about it:

She’s watching your timeline and budget.

The logistics side of the project manager’s job seems to come to mind first for most people. Your PM is going to make sure that your project stays on track in every respect. This is absolutely critical to the success of your new site. But after watching this process a few times, I think the logistics are the tip of the iceberg.

She knows more about your project than anyone else, except maybe you.

She’s going to be in every meeting, hear every discussion, and be a part of every brainstorm. She’s going to see every document and design as soon as they're ready, and often before. It’s her job to make sure that anything that comes to you has been fully vetted and approved by all the right people on the Fastspot team. Beyond just setting up meetings, your PM’s judgment is a big part of the quality of the website. You want her to be a savvy, knowledgeable advocate for you at all times.

Unlike you, she’s done this before, frequently and recently.

Many of our clients are experienced when it comes to website creation, but few have the depth and breadth of knowledge that our PMs have. They’re thinking/talking/reading working on new websites every day, all the time. As a client, you may have redesigned a site a year or two ago. Your PM has done it twice this year. She sees the big picture like nobody else, which is an enormous asset for you and your team. If things start to veer left for any reason, she's going to see it and correct it in a way that only she is positioned to do.

She knows how to deliver bad news.

Yes, it’s true. There will be things that happen in this project that aren’t easy. Your PM is going to be the one that calls you, gives it to you straight, and helps you work through it. She’ll help you get past the bumps without losing momentum or good humor. Her ability to build a team and maintain that dynamic is one of the things makes the Fastspot process so consistent and so effective.

In order to design and build a new website, you need many pieces to align just perfectly. Your project manager is going to make sure that happens. But to assume that it's all about scheduling is missing a lot of the skill that it takes to foster collaboration, set high standards, and value every detail. Success isn't just about the right process, it’s also about the right people, and that includes the PM. Give me a call, and I’ll gladly tell you all about ours.


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