You need creative strategy paired with better tools.

Thoughtful content management and scalable design systems are at the center of all of our work.

  • Process should be a framework, not a traintrack
  • We build 65% of our projects in open source CMSs
  • We build the rest in partnership with excellent CMS providers
  • Everything we build is accessible to the WCAG 2.1 AA standard

What's Important

  • Design Forward

    The work we do transforms your brand. More often than not, it meets and greets your new clients / students / customers. A lot goes into making a strong first impression, and we think about all of it.
    Design Styleguide Illustration
  • Made-to-measure

    Every project starts with listening and learning. We can't create distinctive solutions until we understand you and your challenges.
    Graph Measurement Illustration
  • Everything is Accessible

    Our interest in the web is central to the belief that it should be the most democratic way to communicate. This means for everyone.
    Accessible Colors Illustration
  • Technology Agnostic

    We have our opinions, but we apply our design sensibilities and expertise to any problem worth solving.
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Research & Strategy

Strategy at Fastspot is definitely not limited to “UX”— in fact, great user experience is something owned by everyone at Fastspot. Our strategists are holistic practitioners. We consider everything from information architecture and user interfaces to content strategy and governance, and help guide you on how they all come together.

Because everything we create is custom designed and coded for you, we have to deeply understand who you are and what your audiences need. To get there we take off our shoes and walk around in yours a little, have lots of conversations, ask big questions, and examine the smallest details.

Strategy Milestones

  • Research and Discovery
  • Creative and Strategic Plan
  • Information Architecture
  • Functional Planning and Requirements
  • Content Strategy and Training
  • Migration Support

The full list of our strategic services. Research and Discovery, Strategic Planning, Content Assessment, User Journeys, Information Architecture, Taxonomy, Content Strategy, User Testing, Content and CMS Training, Content Production and Migration, Web Governance.

Design at Fastspot

Most of the organizations that we partner with already have a storied and historic brand, which means we’re always keeping in mind where you’ve been and who you are while helping you get to where you want to be.

A big part of the way that we work is through critique, which doesn’t mean just accepting feedback but also interpreting it and incorporating it into the final product through our lens.

Design Milestones

  • Concept Development
  • Digital Brand and Identity
  • Collaborative Creative Development
  • Design Systems and Documentation

The partial list of technologies and services we prefer, but we work with everything we get a chance to. Wordpress CMS, Craft CMS, Drupal CMS, Bigtree CMS, Tessitura & TNEW Integrations, Terminalfour, Funnelback Search, Algolia Search, Google PSE, Google Analytics.

Lasting Relationships and Support

  • Support for the Day to Day Stuff

    We understand websites require ongoing maintenance and regular attention; let our team handle it for you.
  • Developer Insights & Trainings

    We believe the success of the websites we build is in our clients ability to continue creating, building, and developing without us. We will make sure you have the knowledge to do what you need to do.
  • Strategy & Design Expertise

    Your needs and vision are always evolving. New priorities pop up, and while it is impossible to predict the future, our team will help ensure your site can keep up with your strategic needs.

We Love When Clients Stick Around

Our team is truly invested in your success. We understand your website needs won’t magically disappear after an initial engagement with Fastspot. We are always here to alleviate the tedious tasks involved in managing day to day web needs—or even larger scale initiatives that require a little more strategic planning and collaboration. Fastspot offers customized support packages to fit your exact needs.