How does Fastspot determine which projects it wants to take on?

We have to feel like we can do an outstanding job for you, in the ways you need it done. We won't give you a proposal if we aren't 100% confident we can meet all the requirements for the project (including working within your budget and timeline), and deliver something we know will help you achieve your business goals.

What advice do you have for a team creating a RFP for a website project?

RFPs can really suck the enthusiasm out of a project early on. We encourage you to reach out to us before you dive into a lengthy and time consuming RFP process, and if possible, skip the RFP and let us do the work by crafting a proposal for you. If you must create a RFP, try to focus on your big picture needs, don't try to micro manage the process in the RFP. Allow each response to show you each firms' individuality, rather than having them all conform to a set of strict requirements. And no matter what, reach out to firms you're interested in working with and get to know them before you send out a RFP. You don't want to end up with a group of finalists who you don't connect with, just because they looked the best on paper.

What work can we be doing to get a jump start on our project?

First, establish your stakeholder team and your project team (they may be different). Next, establish big picture goals for the project. What will be the success metrics you will use to evaluate the ROI once the project is completed? Do you have existing research that can be gathered and provided to us? Do you have access to your analytics readily available? Have you thought out a timeline or do you have any set deadlines that need to be considered? Have you determined a budget, not only to pay for outside services, but also in terms of internal team members and resources.


Is Fastspot the right agency for us?

If you're looking for a team of creative problem solvers to tackle a major website project and help you achieve significant institutional and business goals - then yes, you've found the perfect match. We are obsessed with customer service, opinionated, fun, extremely creative, nice, detail oriented, and good listeners. We need our clients to be great partners for outstanding outcomes and we will be there to guide you along the way. We like taking a lot of the work off your plates, and really leading the project, although we will need your input and involvement to ensure success.

Why do I hear snoring in the background of our conference call?

That is Birdie. Don't take it personally. She's an English Bulldog and is fairly bored by websites, no matter how much we tell her they are fascinating.

Is Fastspot an advertising company?

We often refer to ourselves as an interactive creative agency. What that means is that if you can interact with it - we can strategize about, create, build and deploy it. We also consider ourselves problem solvers. If you have a business problem that needs to be solved and interactive media and marketing can be the platforms and approaches - that's us. We do work in collaboration with those other agencies when it makes sense, and we play well with others.

Did Fastspot create BigTree CMS?

Why yes we did! We created BigTree many years ago, and in 2012 we released BigTree as an open source product. We wanted to ensure the world could enjoy using BigTree, and participate in its growth. While our team is still very invested in BigTree's continuous development, we are thrilled to see other agencies and individual developers make amazing things with BigTree. If you'd like to learn more about it, and how you can work with it, please get in touch!

What are the key ingredients to a successful project?

First, we have to understand what "success" means to our clients. For some, it is a very tangible set of outcomes. For others, it's less clear but no less critical. At the beginning of every project and client engagement, we identify and clarify what we call, "Metrics for Success". Basically - how will we be able to say the project was successful after completion and launch? How will we know the investment of time, money and energy was worth it? We won't start a project until we all agree on what these metrics are. Then we work on the plan to achieve them. The best part of our work is when we get to evaluate the metrics and anecdotal evidence post-launch, and see the success!

How do you keep your creative approach contemporary?

We shy away from anything that feels like a fad or trend. We know all too well those things have a short life span, and rarely have any lasting impact. We are looking to solve real problems and tackle large issues that require nuanced and delicate solutions, built on strategy and focused on results.