Access: Granted

Considering the practical and career-oriented focus of Bay State’s academic programs, we wanted to shift the content and design to reflect the access that Bay State provides—including Boston itself, flexible class times/locations, defined career paths, and a robust network of alumni and faculty. Designing the viewbook as a modular grid of access points—each with a detail view that provides additional information, student stories, and related access points—allowed us to break from the trend of lengthy one-page microsites.

Enhanced Programs Section

Bay State’s curriculum has been designed to offer opportunities for professional growth. We brought the program finder up in the page hierarchy to make sure users can easily access this feature, which allows them to filter by program name, degree type, time and location. We also included a detail view that provides an overview of the program and highlights potential careers associated with it to further pique the interest of the career-minded students Bay State attracts.

Explorational Navigation with Consistent Callouts

The modular layout of the landing page and detail pages lends itself to a more explorational, yet still guided, navigational style—users can easily explore the paths that most interest them without being overwhelmed by information. A stripped-down sticky nav, coupled with consistently-placed callouts for information requests and scheduling in-person visits, ensure that no matter where a user ends up, they are just a few pixels away from turning their dreams into reality.

Fresh Content with a New Strategy and Big Tree CMS

The previous iteration of Bay State’s digital viewbook relied heavily on custom graphics and development techniques, making it burdensome to create and update content. By simplifying the look and feel of the design we were able to provide a more focused content strategy, for which it would also be easier to create, maintain, and update content. Pairing the new content strategy with a fresh installation of Big Tree CMS ensured ultimate ease of use for content creators and managers.

Project Scope

  • Discovery
  • Information Architecture
  • Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Front-end Development
  • CMS Implementation