Time is of the Essence

With the deadlines for the competition set and fast approaching, our turnaround time for this project was tight. We had to deliver an identity, a content strategy, and a designed and built site in a matter of weeks. Keeping the team slim and dividing up tasks was our first step to tackling the project.

Architecting a Brand

Time constraints made simplicity and practicality driving forces in the creative process for designing an identity for the competition. A two-color word mark of the competition name, Chi Design, was set in sturdy, upright Din Next. It was paired with organically undulating geometric line patterns that added dimension and variability to the structural integrity of the wordmark.

"Projects this quick tend to produce some tension and unexpected last minute challenges, but the Fastspot team kept their cool. They took our rapid-fire feedback, pivoted in the 11th hour when necessary, and ultimately delivered a solid site that exceeded expectations." - Jill Farley, Director of Digital Initiatives at CAF

Collaborative Wireframing

We worked with the team at CAF early in the project to draft an outline of the site. This helped establish specific content needs up front, enabling a complete and accurate wireframe to be made. From that wireframe, the team was able to quickly and easily design the site.

Simplicity with Style

The overall simplicity of the design system ensured that the main focus of the site remained on the content, and lent the site an openness that felt both sophisticated and inviting. We played around with the grid a bit to add some unexpected variety to the page layout and hint at the architectural nature of the content. The simplicity of the design translated well to a quick and seamless build.

Project Scope

  • Discovery
  • Information Architecture
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Front-end Development
  • CMS Implementation

Project Details

  • BigTree CMS