Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute is an internationally-recognized conservatory with a distinguished faculty, exceptional students, and a progressive curriculum. Peabody is also cultural hub and offers a public arts teaching curriculum, serving its community as well as its students. The complexity of Peabody’s interactions with diverse audiences, combined with the need to increase recognition in the Baltimore community, created a challenge for the website redesign. 


Translating Music to the Website Design

Fastspot began its engagement with Peabody just as the Institute completed a rebranding project with an external agency. Building on the branding and identity guidelines that Peabody had already invested in, we sought opportunities to bring the creative energy and vibrancy of a music-centered life to the digital space. Rather than segregating the website by audience, we focused primarily on the conservatory students and audiences by capturing an experience that is fundamental to their passion: making music. What does making music look like? What does it feel like? Our design concepts for Peabody centered on sound and movement. Testimonials and stories are supplemented with multimedia resources allowing for users to see and hear the musicians perform, working to show how Peabody nurtures its students’ creativity, promotes healthy competition, and produces excellent musicians in the process.

Supporting Events & Ticketing

With an exceptionally wide range of concerts and events open to the general public, Fastspot also needed to promote ease of use and organization in ticketing. The concerts and events page on the redesigned website is armed with a powerful filtering tool, providing users a list of events based on their location, event type, instrument, and area of study preferences. Page content is organized as a feed, allowing users to scroll through Peabody’s offerings. Event content blocks contain description and photo capabilities, with the option to view additional details about the event for interested users. Ticket purchasing is made easier by placing a call to action directly on the content block as well as every subsequent page containing descriptions of events. 


As a 160-year-old conservatory, Peabody’s rich history is a living testament to its musical expertise and ability to stand the test of time. Looking to find harmony between Peabody’s historic roots and cutting-edge curriculum, Fastspot created a website design that bridges the gap between classic and contemporary. The historic Peabody legacy remains evident through content and brand recognition, while the high contrast design and punchy colors provide a fresh and innovative feel. Modern interfaces on the site subtly reflect those of common online music platforms, a nod to the influence of emerging technology on the experience of musicians today.

Project Scope

  • Discovery
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Design
  • Front-end Development
  • CMS Implementation

Project Details

  • WordPress CMS



Educational Advertising Awards - Websites - Silver


Communicator Awards - Websites - General School/University - Excellence