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Ancient Papyrus to Touchscreen

The Book of Faiyum is an exquisitely illustrated ancient papyrus depicting Egypt’s Faiyum oasis, a center of prosperity and ritual during the Greco-Roman period, and its patron deity, the crocodile god Sobek. It has also been classified generically as a "cult topographical priestly manual." The text is known from multiple sources dating to Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt (332 BCE – 359 CE). It primarily functioned as a mythologized map of the Faiyum.

The Walters Art Museum

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Reunited for the first time in 150 years

Major sections of the manuscript—reunited for the first time in 150 years—were displayed alongside Egyptian statues, reliefs, jewelry, and ritual objects to illuminate the religious context that gave rise to the enigmatic tale of Sobek, the crocodile god who brings sun to the Faiyum. The exhibition was enhanced with an interactive kiosk, designed and developed by Fastspot. The interactive presentation allows users to move through the scroll in great detail via the touch screen, zooming and panning to have a more in-depth and immersive visual experience, all while gaining additional information about the scroll.

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