So Beautiful it Will Make
Your Head Spin

A responsive website and branding project begets
a vibrant educational resource.

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Storytelling Attracts a Much Wider Audience

Kenyon College reports a record-shattering admissions year, with huge increases in international applicants, and a historic low in selectivity rankings.

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Cutting-Edge Update for
Vermont's First College

Beautifully modernized branding and a fully responsive
website brings Castleton College to the forefront of .edu
technology and design.

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Learn Everywhere

BigTree flexes its muscles with robust search tools for
an exceptional curator of study abroad experiences.

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  1. Mount Vernon
  2. Kenyon College
  3. Castleton College
  4. Arcadia University

We are a team of passionate storytellers and problem solvers who are obsessed with interaction design, content strategy and technology. We are committed to delivering outstanding experiences created by expert craftspeople, developed in a collaborative environment built on trust. We value the relationships we have with our clients, and the culture we have created at Fastspot. If you work with us we can guarantee you'll be challenged, entertained, sleep well at night, do lots of high-fives, and be blown away at least a few times.

Fastspot Honored with Record Number of Webby Nods

Fastspot was honored to receive the most nominations and honoree nods the agency has received in any single year from the Webby Awards. This also marks the seventh straight year Fastspot has been recognized by the Webbys, hailed as the "Internet's highest honor" by the New York Times.... Learn More

Spent on BigTree

BigTree provides tools for designers, developers and content creators to put together a well-thought-out website. It handles a large number of pages with ease and grace, and has been an indispensable tool for our work at Fastspot. As I tell my developer friends: ”it just makes sense." But that's not...

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Fastspot brings creativity, innovation and process to every project. It's great to have a partner that has you leave every meeting with more energy and better ideas. We collaborate with their team as often as possible.

-Aaron Moore, Principal, Orange Element