Rising to the Challenge

Johns Hopkins, a leading national and international research University, launched the Rising to the Challenge campaign in 2010 with a goal of reaching $4.5 billion in fundraising.

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Highlighting a
Vibrant Community

Design and content strategy focused on a hand-made DIY feel, reinforcing Puget's commitment to the individual student's unique journey.

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The Book of Faiyum

An untouchable ancient scroll reveals
its secrets to museum visitors.

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Storytelling Attracts a Much Wider Audience

Kenyon College reports a record-shattering admissions year, with huge increases in international applicants, and a historic low in selectivity rankings.

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  1. Johns Hopkins Campaign
  2. University of Puget Sound
  3. The Walters Art Museum
  4. Kenyon College

We are a team of passionate storytellers and problem solvers who are obsessed with interaction design, content strategy and technology. We are committed to delivering outstanding experiences created by expert craftspeople, developed in a collaborative environment built on trust. We value the relationships we have with our clients, and the culture we have created at Fastspot. If you work with us we can guarantee you'll be challenged, entertained, sleep well at night, do lots of high-fives, and be blown away at least a few times.

Fastspot Honored with Record Number of Webby Nods

Fastspot was honored to receive the most nominations and honoree nods the agency has received in any single year from the Webby Awards. This also marks the seventh straight year Fastspot has been recognized by the Webbys, hailed as the "Internet's highest honor" by the New York Times.... Learn More

On Falls Road

We just moved to a new office, and I got to go for a visit. This is what it's like being onsite at Fastspot.

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The work that we did with Fastspot on our Website has been wildly successful. In the first year since launching the site, we saw an 11 percent increase in applications, and about the same the following year. ?We’ve worked with other Web vendors in the past, and none have been as responsive to our needs or addressed them as creatively. We have conducted usability studies with current and prospective students, and focus groups with students, all of which cite the Website as one of the strongest elements of our recruitment program

-Gayle McIntosh, University of Puget Sound