Organization and humor are my love languages

Abigail Galvin, Hosting and Special Projects Manager
Abigail Galvin

Abigail oversees Hosting services at Fastspot, working closely with the team to ensure our clients receive the best, timely support for their sites.

Putting people first–both team and client side–is her top priority, in addition to diligently working towards client goals. Her attention to detail and work ethic are responsible for detangling some of our most noodly challenges, and her positive attitude and good humor make her a strong ambassador for the Fastspot team and the work that we do.

Abigail Galvin

Outside Work

  • Dance Floor

    We are full committal every time.

    Abigail Dancing
  • Beach Babies

    Living at the beach is magic.

    Galvin Gals on the beach
  • Puppy Brothers

    My favorite is finding them snuggled up for a nap.

    Abigail Bean Toes
  • 1000 Hours

    Being outside always is always preferred.

    Abigail Hiking