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Amy Goldberg, President & CEO
Amy Goldberg

Amy works to continuously drive Fastspot forward, ensuring that the agency is always evolving and improving, providing fulfilling work to its team members and outstanding results for its clients. Under her leadership, Fastspot has grown from a two person enterprise into an award-winning company that has partnered with the nation’s most significant organizations and treasured institutions.

A diehard motivator and constant champion of Fastspot’s team and work, Amy believes in hiring the best of the best and letting the magic transpire. Her expertise lies in empowering a group of talented individuals to execute their best work and learn from the project and each other in the process. By facilitating an environment of collaboration, communication, and open-ended inquiry, she’s made Fastspot a space where the collective experience of its individual members is passed on directly to those that we work with. In her own words, Fastspot is a group of “insanely nice, honest and fair people, who appreciate and understand design and technology equally.”

Amy’s belief in keeping it simple, moving with confidence, and empowering the experts helps shape Fastspot.

Amy Goldberg

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