World Traveler, I'm Clare

Clare Gillman, Lead Strategist
Clare Gillman

Strategy at Fastspot can mean just about anything, but for Clare it most often means content strategy.

What does that entail? Well, basically Clare analyzes your website content with a magnifying glass—current and aspirational. She keeps content initiatives front-and-center throughout a redesign and/or migration project.

Clare's experience as a web content coordinator and copywriter in higher education taught her that content strategy is a powerful tool; that perspective influences her work in messaging and branding, information architecture, content and page design, content production, and migration management.

In her free time, you can find Clare ruining perfectly good recipes, exploring new places as a digital nomad, or learning the latest and greatest trends in UX and strategy.

Clare Gillman

Outside Work

  • Learning how to watercolor

    Slowly but surely

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  • Exploring abroad

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  • Writing her epic fantasy novel (still)

    Or at least staring at it really hard

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