The most adequate developer, I'm Scherr

Michael Scherr, Senior Web Developer
Michael Scherr

Mike works as a Full-Stack web developer at Fastspot. Experience? You bet! He’s been working as a web developer in Baltimore agencies for over ten years.

He obsesses over small details, the seemingly inconsequential features that make websites unique. You'll catch him endlessly scrolling through our websites (with his vertical mouse and ergonomic split columnar keyboard), making sure everything is accounted for. Exhausting? Yes. Worth it? 100%.

Mike’s true passion is Front-End Web Development, but over the years he’s become a pretty good Full-Stack developer. He secretly enjoys the constant grind of the industry: the endless evolution of web technologies (seemingly every week) and their inconsistent browser support. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and be uncomfortable. Thank goodness for Stack Overflow!

Mike brings his experience and passion into Fastspot, whose employees collectively share the same goals and attention to detail. Teamwork plays a pivotal role in building quality websites, and Fastspot delivers every time.

Michael Scherr

Outside Work

  • Running

    I've been running recreationally since 2014 with over 4,840 miles on the books!

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  • Coffee

    During the pandemic I obtained a small obsession with coffee brewing. My favorite brewer is a V60.

    Coffee Brewing
  • Quincy!

  • Winston!