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Fastspot offers a fun, creative, and challenging workplace environment providing team members with: competitive salaries, fully-paid benefits packages, a flexible schedule, remote work possibilities, free gym and pool membership at Mill No. 1, a dog-friendly work space, professional development opportunities, and the ability to work with some amazing team members and clients.

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Fastspot Words to Live By


As a team, we must come together and generate new ideas, designs, experiences, solutions and strategies for our clients and for ourselves. It is challenging work where every bump in the road offers a new solution or outcome. We will always challenge the status quo, push ourselves past the familiar or easy, avoid trends or fads, and look for the lasting beauty and functionality in everything we make.


The work we do requires great trust amongst the team, and great trust between us and our clients. We must believe in the projects we take on, and we can only do our best work when our clients trust us to get them to a successful outcome. We must have the trust of our colleagues so we can gracefully fail, and then succeed. We must trust that our work will be supported and made better by the person sitting next to us. We must trust we are doing good work, the best work, and work that makes it a pleasure to get up and come to "work" every day.


Something cannot be beautiful and joyful if it isn't well made. The craft that goes into everything we create and produce is the foundation that ultimately supports the amazing experiences we seek to create. The tiniest error or bug, the slightest glitch or hiccup ultimately erodes faith in our audience, casting doubt on the experiences we ask them to engage with. Perfection can only be achieved through flawless craftsmanship - which means we scrutinize absolutely everything and no detail is too small to care about.


Every day we get to be creative, to offer joyful solutions to our clients, to work hard as a team, and to solve important problems. We challenge each other and our clients, and we never forget how lucky we are to be working in an amazing industry where the rules are still being written. We also get to communicate internally with animated GIFs, and face it, that's always fun.


This is not a "job" for anyone at Fastspot. This is work we would be doing regardless of where we were, or who was asking us to do it. Our enthusiasm is contagious and compounding. Every blind corner offers a revelation. Every failure provides the groundwork for the next breakthrough. We are constantly surprised, questioning our approach, giving the finished product one last examination. We can't avoid the incessant need to create something new, something amazing, something true.


Our work is not the work of a solo artist locked away in her studio. We are a team, and it is the efforts of this team that make the final product, for which we are held in high regard. Likewise, we are not working in a vacuum, creating our own ideas to solve our own problems. We seek the partnership of our clients to bring fresh challenges and opportunities to us. We are problem solvers and welcome the opportunity to partner with a great client who has some juicy challenges for us to bite into.


We are better because we have each other. We create amazing things thanks to the clients who trust us to become their partners and collaborators. We must be generous and giving of our time, our ideas, our respect and our honesty. We must be generous to our community that has given so much to us. We must remember that it is the collective of our ideas and efforts that makes us who we are today.


Everything is changing and evolving, especially in the interactive industry. A creative spirit should always be challenged and engaged. Innovation is about maturation, experience, insight, intuition and confidence. As we continue to grow as a company, we must nurture our development and always be willing to move forward, and that can only happen with innovation.

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